All the Fame of Lofty Deeds

The House Theatre of Chicago  |   Fall 2009

Director  |  Tommy Rapley
Composer  |  Jon Langford
Scenic and Lighting Designer  |  Lee Keenan
Costume Designer  |  Debbie Baer
Puppet Builder  |  Bill Dee
Properties Master  |  Bill Anderson
Assistant Scenic Designer  |  Claire Paolini
Assistant Lighting Designer  |  Ashley Hoban

Big thanks to Claire Paolini, Ashley Hoban, Nick Sieben and Jon Lanford for all their help.

“Lee Keenan’s deliciously vibrant and original visuals are inspired by Langford’s own art… House has the best show here since The Sparrow. No question. The House has got its groove back…”  — Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“the show is gorgeous to look at… the artistic presentation of this show is spectacular, it looks absolutely wonderful” — Kelly Kleiman, 848, Chicago Public Radio

“A triumph of style over cliche … worth seeing… vigorous theatre” — Jonathan Abarbanel, 848, Chicago Public Radio

“… visually gorgeous production(credit Baer, Rapley’s choreography and scenic designer Lee Keenan’s immersive interpretation of Langford’s aesthetic)…” — Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

“Langford’s multilayered paintings (on display in the Chopin lobby) mostly address the music industry from his point of view: making records, dealing with disappointment, selling your soul. Anyone familiar with this work will recognize that designer Lee Keenan has magically captured its feel and spirit onstage.” — Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times